Friday, December 20, 2013

Beauty Challenged:

S.O.D. Photography 

Gaze adoringly not at the beauty of a fine woman

But at nature

For nature never grows old

It does not wrinkle

Nor fade with age

Its grass does not gray

Like a once alluring mane

Its mountains do not sag

Like the breasts of old age

Its fruits do not turn sour

Unlike those of human creation

Its tears of rain full of growth and promise

Not pity and pain

Nature is everlasting

A source of beauty and inspiration

Giving vitality and youth to its audience

Nature gives, it does not take

It replenishes all

Not only what it desires to make

There is no doubt in nature's love nor a pout on its Lips*

Rather a constant ray of energy and bliss

All things die but nature.   

*Lips: The Greek deity of the southwest wind